Abilene - NEW FOR SPRING 2015


Abilene Elaina Bag by Donna Sharp
SKU: 13069
Extra wide and extra tall, Elaina has the features of a large specialty bag and the practicality of a handbag.

Dimensions are 16 x 11 x 4.5"
Our price: $72.00
Abilene Leah Bag by Donna Sharp
SKU: 13086
A slight V-shape adds to Leah's while the large size provides an abundance of room
Size 16 x 9.5 x 6"; strap drop length 12"
Our price: $60.00
Abilene Reese Bag by Donna Sharp
SKU: 13028
Functionality and a compact size combined with style defines the Reese bag.

Dimensions are 13.25 X 8 X 4.5"; Strap drop length 8.5"
Our price: $56.00
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